Hello Fans of the Beer Authority!

Tomorrow night, Wednesday March 25, 2020, will be the last night Laurie will be open to public for CLEAN & SANITIZED GROWLER fills while draft beer supplies last and package to go. Hours are 4 – 6:30 Pm and supplies are limited thanks to the amazing support you have shown the Laurie and Taryn. Honestly I can share on their behalf that they appreciate how wonderful and kind you all have been during this crisis. Together we will get through this!

Here is where I and the staff need your feedback we are thinking of being open very limited days and hours moving forward to only provide curbside delivery from a pre order to pick up. In order to limit contact and help flatten curve. The idea is $40 minimum pre order to an email, confirm order with total and set up delivery window. Once you pull up outside the Beer Authority call (206)417-9629 BA # give credit card over phone or cash. Then pop your trunk or hatchback girls will walk outside deliver beer in trunk and you then you close trunk and drive away. Based on feedback we will be open potentially Friday evening and Saturday limited hours. If walking we could do back packs, but no one in store or growler fills. If interested in this service please email me Burcmode1969@gmail.com

Again I want to thank everyone and the support the BA family has shown my staff during this crisis. If there is not much interest despite trying to limit contact we will close for an undetermined period of time.

Thanks for your attention and look forward to your responses and seeing you in person in the hopefully near future. ❤


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