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Taplist Test2

CSVTest - Google Drive
CSVTest : Sheet1

Taplist Test1


Beer1BoulderShake Chocolate Porter on Nitro165.9724
Beer2New BelgiumBohemian Pilsener164.86.516
Beer3New BelgiumCitradelic tangerine IPA166716
Beer4Mirage BeerTen Year Fixer Double IPA kegged 3-14168.2824
Beer5SkookumFlower & Water IPA kegged 3-8166.77.524
Beer6New BelgiumVoodoo Ranger IPA167.8720
Beer7One Tree Cider CoLemon Basil Hard Cider106.6840
Beer8CloudburstI Think We're Done Here IPA kegged 3-18167824
Beer9NewBelgiumSour Saison127720
Beer10Crooked StaveLe Brett de Apricot861060
Beer11Reuben'sDouble Crush DIPA kegged 3-1168824
Beer12GiganticCorpse Reviver #2 Gin Cocktail Sour109.3950
Beer13Skagit BrewingBBL Trumpeter Stout 5th Ann.81110999